Saturday, July 14, 2012

Because I know really talented people... and greedily want some swag...

I am so excited about The Blood Keeper... I told my friend Tessa (the author) that I had a crush on her first book, and that's not even hyperbole. So when Miss Natalie put out this contest to get ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), well... had to jump on it. I mean, there's blood. And magic. What's not to love? *le swoon*

And THEN I saw the cover:

So here's an official recommendation from Peg: read Blood Magic! Repeat for The Blood Keeper (when it comes out on August 28th)!

Here's a link back to the contest... check it out for all the details!

Natalie C Parker: Contest: The Blood Keeper: The companion novel to Tessa Gratton's  Blood Magic releases in just a few short weeks. August 28th, to be exact. That means it's high time...

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