Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feel Good, Inc.

Last week found me ruminating over a random list of Good Things. No surprise that music figured prominently into the equation; it's part of the privilege and birthright of a music-based life form (MBLF).

Since this week has consisted largely of workday fire drills (in the metaphorical sense, of course), this week's post will be brief, but chock full of music-y goodness. You see, internets, I'm sharing with you my instant good mood playlist.

It has evolved since its inception, but I am pretty happy with the contents these days. Some songs have an empowering/inspiring message ("Walk on the Moon," for example), and others others are steeped in Girl Power ("Independent Women, Pt 1," "Video"). A few are good for self esteem and feeling pretty ("I Am the Body Beautiful," "Beautiful," "Sexy Bitch," "SFM").

Then there are tunes that just sound so damned happy—my beloved "Soul Sloshing," or the aptly named "Happy," for example. "It Only Makes Me Laugh" is classic, energetic ska, but I especially love how the lyrics provide instant perspective on the changeable nature of life and fortune. The Wheel turns, and you return from the depths.
"I don't know why I feel this way
I don't know if it's right or wrong to laugh at misfortune
Darkness can never last..."
Awesome, powerful stuff.

Then, my lovelies, come are the sublime, spiritual lushness of pieces like "Beauty in the World," "Exactly," and "Blessed." Zen in music form. Perfection!

A few more gems round out the list, but by now you've got the general flavor of what speaks to me. It's a wondrous thing, internets, to be an MBLF; you're never more than a refrain away from an instant good mood. The right song hits you in the solar plexus and you're never the same. It's a great cure for The Wallowing or its more pernicious, vocal counterpart, The Whinging.

Without further ado, then, I present Feel Good, Inc. Peruse at will, and proceed directly to bliss.

Feel Good Inc. by Amy on Grooveshark

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  1. I've got a whole playlist on my iPod labeled "Perky". And yes, it really does mitigate mild depression. "Soul Sloshing" and "It Only Makes Me Laugh" are on the playlist, BTW.